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quinta-feira, setembro 30, 2010

Spagna - Dance Collection

01.Call Me
02.Easy Lady
03.I Always Dream About You
04.Lady Madonna (D.Monti Euromix 133 B.P.M.)
05.Why Me
06.Love At First Sight
07.Don't Go Away Tonight
08.I Wanna Be Your Wife
09.This Generation
10.Every Girl And Boy
11.Dance Dance Dance
12.Why Me (Radio Edit)
13.Love At First Sight (Groove Radio Version)
14.I Wanna Be Your Wife (Extended Version)
15.Lady Madonna (Radio Edit 128 B.P.M.)
16.I Always Dream About You (L & D Dub Mix)


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Beto Santana disse...

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Beto Santana disse...

Recebi a mensagem "permission denied" no link...