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segunda-feira, setembro 22, 2008

Secret Service - Aux deux Magots (1987)

Em meados dos anos 80 Norell e Håkansson começaram a escrever e produzir canções para outros artistas. O dueto de Ola Håkansson com a ex-ABBA Agnetha Fältskog, "The Way You Are", ganhou o compacto de ouro na Suécia.Em 1987, Håkansson, Norell e Wahlberg lançaram Aux Deux Magots, seu último disco como Secret Service. Os demais membros deixaram a banda e foram substituídos pelo multi-instrumentista Anders Hansson e o baixista Mats A. Lindberg. Hansson se tornaria parceiro de Håkansson e Norell no que seria conhecido como O Megatrio, um equivalente sueco do Stock-Aitken-Waterman. Em 1992, Håkansson e seus sócios estabeleceram a Stockholm Records como uma joint-venture da PolyGram. Eles produziram bandas como Army of Lovers e The Cardigans, entre outros.
Secret Service - Aux Deux Magots (1987)
01 I'm So I'm So I'm So (I'm So In Love With You) (4:04)

02 Backing Vocals - Lili & Sussie
03 If You Need Me (3:27)
04 Don't You Know, Don't You Know (3:26)
05 Turn To Me (3:38)
06 The Way You Are (Extended Version) (5:46)
07 Vocals [Duet] - Agnetha Fältskog
08 Say Say (3:10)
09 Light (3:32)
10 Aux Deux Magots (Instrumental) (4:08)
11 Where The Wind Blows (3:23)
12 Thank You For That Night (4:02)

John Travolta - Can't Let You Go - 1977

01. Slow Dancing
02. You Set My Dreams to Music
03. Whenever I'm Away From You
04. Settle Down
05. Back Doors Crying
06. Moonlight Lady
07. All Strung Out on You
08. Can't Let You Go
09. Easy Evil
10. What Would They Say (The Boy in the Plastic Bubble)
11. Right Time of the Night

John Travolta - 1976

01. I Don't Know What I Like About You, Baby
02. Let Her In
03. A Girl Like You
04. Big Trouble
05. Never Gonna Fall in Love Again
06. Baby, I Could Be So Good at Lovin' You
07. Goodnight Mr. Moon
08. Razzamatazz
09. Rainbows
10. It Had to Be You


Olivia Newton-John - Making A Good Thing Better (1977)

1. Making a Good Thing Better
2. Slow Dancing
3. Ring of Fire
4. Coolin' Down
5. Don't Cry for Me Argentina (from the opera Evita)
6. Sad Songs
7. You Won't See Me Cry
8. So Easy To Begin
9. I Think I'll Say Goodbye
10. Don't Ask A Friend
11. If Love Is Rea
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Olivia Newton-John - Physical (1981)

01. Landslide (by John Farrar)
02. Stranger's Touch (by John Farrar & Steve Kipner)
03. Make A Move On Me (by John Farrar & Tom Snow)
04. Falling (by John Farrar)
05. Love Make Me Strong (by Terry Britten & Sue Shifrin)
06. Physical (by Steve Kipner & Terry Shaddick)
07. Silvery Rain (by Hank Marvin)
08. Carried Away (by Barry Gibb & Albhy Galuten)
09. Recovery (by John Farrar & Tom Snow)
10. Promise (The Dolphin Song) (by Olivia Newton-John)
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E.L.O & Olivia Newton-John - 1980 - Xanadu

1 .Magic - Olivia Newton-John
2 .Suddenly - Olivia Newton-John/Cliff Richard
3 .Dancin' - Olivia Newton-John/The Tubes
4 .Suspended In Time - Olivia Newton-John
5 .Whenever You're Away From Me - Olivia Newton-John/Gene Kelly
6 .I'm Alive - Electric Light Orchestra
7 .Fall, The - Electric Light Orchestra
8 .Don't Walk Away - Electric Light Orchestra
9 .All Over The World - Electric Light Orchestra
10 .Xanadu - Electric Light Orchestra/Olivia Newton-John