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Stars On 45 - Longplay Album: Volume II 1981

Stars On 45 -1981- Longplay Album: Volume II
Label: Metronome Label: CNR Records
Catalog#: 0060.441 Catalog#: 655.130
Country: Germany Country: Netherlands
Released: 1981
Genre: Electronic, Rock
Style: Disco
Track listing:
A1 - Introductions
A2 - More Stars
B1 - Stars Again
B2 - '45 Stars Get Ready

Detailed track listing:

A1 Introductions
A1.01 Star Wars (Main Theme)
A1.02 Can't Give You Anything (But My Love)
A1.03 Kung-Fu Fighting
A1.04 Layla
A1.05 All Right Now
A1.06 Fire
A1.07 Do You Think I'm Sexy
A1.08 Ma Baker
A1.09 Y.M.C.A.
A1.10 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly
A1.11 Don't Stop (Till You Get Enough)
A1.12 Theme From M*A*S*H
A1.13 Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore
A1.14 Overture From Tommy
A1.15 Get Off
A1.16 Stars On 45
A1.17 Baker Street
A1.18 Bette Davis' Eyes
A1.19 Eve Of The War

A2 More Stars
A2.01 Stars On 45 (2)
A2.02 Papa Was A Rolling Stone
A2.03 Dance To The Music
A2.04 Sugar Baby Love
A2.05 Papa Was A Rolling Stone
A2.06 Let's Go To San Francisco
A2.07 A Horse With No Name
A2.08 Monday Monday
A2.09 San Francisco
A2.10 California Dreamin'
A2.11 Eve Of Destruction
A2.12 Cracklin' Rosie
A2.13 Do-Wah-Diddy-Diddy
A2.14 A Lover's Concerto
A2.15 Reach Out I'll Be There
A2.16 Sound Of Silence
A2.17 Tears Of A Clown
A2.18 Stop In The Name Of Love
A2.19 Love Child
A2.20 Reflections
A2.21 Someday We'll Be Together
A2.22 Stars On 45
A2.23 Baby Love
A2.24 Love Is Here And Now You're Gone
A2.25 Where Did Our Love Go
A2.26 I Hear A Symphony
A2.27 You Keep Me Hanging On
A2.28 Ain't No Mountain High Enough
A2.29 Stars On 45 (2)

B1 Stars Again
B1.01 Stars On 45 (2)
B1.02 Voulez-Vous
B1.03 S.O.S.
B1.04 Bang A Boomerang
B1.05 Money, Money, Money
B1.06 Knowing Me, Knowing You
B1.07 Fernando
B1.08 The Winner Takes It All
B1.09 Super Trouper (Long Version)
B1.10 Stars On 45
B1.11 Dum Dum Diddle
B1.12 Lay All Your Love On Me
B1.13 On And On And On
B1.14 Super Trouper
B1.15 Summer Night City
B1.16 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)
B1.17 Stars On 45 (2)

B2 '45 Stars Get Ready

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