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domingo, julho 29, 2007

Exile - All There is (1979)

Side One:

A1 . 'How Could This Co Wrong'
A2. 'All There Is'
A3. 'Too Proud To Cry'

Side Two:
B1.The Part Of Me That Needs You Most
B2. 'Destiny'
B3. 'Being In Love With You Is Easy'
B4. 'Let's Do It Again'
B5. 'Come On Over'

Ficha Técnica

Produced by Mike Chapman.

Marlon Hargis: Keyboards, Vocals.

Buzz Cornelison: Keyboards, Vocals.

Steve Goetzman: Drums.

Sonny Lemaire: Bass Guitar, Vocals.

J. P. Pennington: Guitar, Vocals.

Randy Rickman: Guitar, Vocals.

Jimmy Stokley: Vocals.

Les Taylor: Guitar, Vocals.

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