Em Breve Novidades!!

segunda-feira, outubro 20, 2008

Double You - The Blue Album

01 Run To Me 3:56
02 She`s Beautiful 3:35
03 Wonderful World 3:49
04 Part-Time Lover 3:02
05 What Did You Do (With My Love) 4:19
06 Missing You 3:19
07 Heart Of Glass 3:16
08 I Gave You All 3:27
09 Got To Love 3:14
10 You Are The One 4:21
11 What Did You Do (With My Love) (Live Mix) 2:58
12 Rebel Rebel 3:39
13 She`s Beautiful (Sun Mix) 3:41
14 Part-Time Lover (E.u.r.o. Mix) 6:13
15 Missing You (Summer Remix) 7:19

La Bouche - All Mixed Up

01. Be My Lover (Club Mix)
02. Fallin' In Love (Soul Solution Vocal Dub)
03. Sweet Dreams (Spike Mix)
04. Forget Me Nots (Club Mix)
05. Be My Lover (Spike Mix)
06. Fallin' In Love (Full Harmony Club Mix)
07. I Love To Love (Club Mix)
08. Le Click: Tonight Is The Night (Dance Mix)
09. Sweet Dreams (Stylin' Free Mix)
10. Sweet Dreams/Fallin' In Love/Be My Lover/I Love To Love

Haddaway - Greatest Hits

1-What Is Love
2-Life Radio
3-I Miss You
4-Rock My Heart
5-Mamas House
6-Fly Away
7-Stir It Up
8-Who Do You Love Matrix
9-Catch A Fire Radio
10-What About Me Radio Version
11-Youre Taking My Heart
12-Lover Be Thy Name
13-Come Back Love Has Got A Hold On Me
14-Shout Album Mix